Free Music for a Free World

The LinuxTag has called for the OpenMusic Project a few months ago. Goal of the project was to show that successful methods and technologies of the Free Software world can be applied to other goods such as intellectual property.

For LinuxTag 2001, the LinuxTag offers first results of this project on an OpenMusic sampler CD. Along with other songs, the CD contains the official LinuxTag 2001 song "Open Source" by the highly anticipated rock combo Magic Mushrooms.

All songs on the OpenMusic CD are released under the Green or Yellow OpenMusic License and are here in ogg format for your hearing pleasure.

Track Group or Artist Song License
1 Magic Mushrooms Open Source green OGG
2 Jeffrey Altergott Icarus Grounded yellow OGG
3 Trailer Park Everlys Monkey Bones yellow OGG
4 Burn0wt George yellow OGG
5 Maxwell Strait Inside green OGG
6 Gary Yeomans Fallen Trees (Rescue Me) green OGG
7 Del Vezeau Whispered yellow OGG
8 Darryl Purpose Mr. Schwinn yellow OGG
9 Claudia Russell Dance (All She Wanted to Do) yellow OGG
10 Matthew Lien The Coming Through yellow OGG
11 Tobias Steinmann The March of the Goblins yellow OGG
12 Void Main Penguin Planet [Authentic Edit] green OGG
13 Mirom The Wave yellow OGG
Bonus Track Void Main Artificial Recreation green OGG

The samples are available at OggVorbis Format. OggVorbis is a patent-free alternative to the MP3-Format.